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I am very interested in increasing access to higher education to students from marginalized backgrounds, particularly for those at primarily undergraduate institutions with limited research activity. Exposure to research mentors is transformative, and I have sought to create environments where relationships between seasoned researchers, early-career URM scientists, and research-curious undergraduates can form. At Stanford, this has meant helping to organize and expand the 2nd annual Diversity Perspectives Seminar Series (DPSS) as a part of the event’s leadership team. The DPSS brought a leading URM scientist to campus for a full-day event with trainees, and this past year we expanded the event to include students from local undergraduate-focused colleges to broaden the event’s reach and impact. When the pandemic upended in-person events, our team adapted the Seminar to a virtual format to reach students who may otherwise have been unable to attend the physical seminar. We are now planning the 3rd annual DPSS will be leveraging what we have learned to offer a hybrid format, as well as to establish permanent digital resources to disseminate critical information about academia and higher education to interested undergraduates.